Mediation NI launches new Strategic Plan

Mediation NI unveils plans for growth under new leadership.

The organisation will take forward an ambitious three-year plan under the leadership of new Managing Director Enda Young.

The organisation has led on peacebuilding and conflict resolution in the region for more than 30 years, delivering services that support organisations experiencing conflict, change and both internal and external disputes.

Under the leadership of Enda Young, Mediation NI will expand its workforce and team of associates over the next five years, as well as develop more services aimed at resolving conflict and disputes in the workplace.

The organisation will also invest in its online training offering, enabling it to provide mediation training to audiences beyond Northern Ireland.

At its strategy launch in its newly named headquarters, Mediation House today, Managing Director, Enda Young said:
“The power of talking and mediating between two parties, is always the best way to resolve conflict. That message is no more keenly felt than here in Northern Ireland where this week we have witnessed the power of negotiation in action as a deal on the Protocol was struck. That is mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution in action.

“Before being appointed Managing Director, I worked with Mediation NI for many years and have witnessed first-hand the difference it has made through its contribution to peace building and conflict resolution in our society.

“For the organisation to grow, it must evolve and I’m proud of our team and Board for endorsing this ambitious new plan for growth.”

Mediation NI Chair, Dr Catherine Turner said:
“Our renewed vision is to work towards a society that handles conflict better and Enda’s appointment, combined with our new strategy, is key to achieving this.”

“It has brought a renewed sense of purpose and direction for our organisation and the plans he has for the future of Mediation NI will strengthen its position and reputation as a leader in mediation services and training.”


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