Ulster University and Mediation NI Join Forces to Launch Innovative Mediation Course 

Ulster University and Mediation Northern Ireland (Mediation NI) are proud to announce an exciting partnership aimed at equipping professionals with mediation skills through a new course offering. This collaboration brings together the academic expertise of Ulster University with the practical experience and industry knowledge of Mediation NI to deliver a comprehensive and innovative program. 

The new postgraduate mediation course, titled “Workplace/Community Mediation Training,” is designed to meet the growing demand for skilled mediators in various sectors, including business, law, community services, and beyond. It will provide participants with a deep understanding of mediation principles, techniques, and best practices, preparing them to effectively facilitate constructive dialogue and resolve conflicts in diverse settings. 

“The Law School at Ulster University is delighted to partner with Mediation NI to offer a short course in mediation from its Social Justice Hub at Magee, starting in October 2024.” said Dr Esther McGuinness, Head of School of Law at Ulster University. ” Whilst mediation is widely available, this short course is the only University accredited programme of its type, available in the North-West” Mediation NI, renowned for its expertise in conflict resolution and mediation services, brings a wealth of practical knowledge and real-world insights to the course. Participants will benefit from hands-on training, case studies, and interactive workshops led by experienced mediators, allowing them to apply theoretical concepts to practical scenarios and hone their mediation skills. 

“We are delighted to collaborate with Ulster University on this innovative initiative,” said Enda Young, Managing Director at Mediation NI. “We are passionate about supporting mediation services in the Northwest. By combining academic rigor with practical experience, we aim to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of mediation theory and practice, equipping them to navigate conflicts and facilitate positive outcomes in a wide range of contexts.” 

The “Workplace/Community Mediation Training” course will be offered as a standalone program and as part of Ulster University’s professional development offerings and is worth 30 University credit points. As well as constituting a module of study assessed by the University this course, when fully completed, also covers the content of “Mediation Theory & Practice” – a Mediation Northern Ireland training course accredited by CPD and the Open College Network Northern Ireland.  

The course is suitable for professionals seeking to enhance their mediation skills, as well as individuals interested in pursuing a career in mediation or related fields. 

For more information about the course and registration details, please visit https://www.ulster.ac.uk/courses/202425/workplace-community-mediation-training-short-course-39201 


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